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Hair Color Trends: 15 Hair Color Trends You Should Try

Changing up your hair color can evolve with your preferences and personality. From blonde hair color to gold hair color, to even gold blonde hair color, keeping up with hair color trends can be so much fun! But whether you’re a long-term color girl or new to the color game, peroxide or bleach breaks down the hair into a dry, straw-like texture, stripping the lifted hair cuticle of moisture. Veterans and newbies alike need a gentle reminder to find great methods to take extra care of their color.

Nexxus products from the Color Assure Line made specifically for colored hair helps. Or try the Nexxus Vital 8-in-1 Hair Mask for All Hair Types which is made for all hair types with the following benefits: strength, body, shine, smoothness, softness, moisture, anti-frizz and vibrant color. The rich coconut oil, also protein-rich soybean oil and keratin in the masque lend an extra moisturizing hand to brittle, frizzy hair.

Now that your concerns are at bay, here are 15 hot hair color trends you could try out:

Dirty Brown Brunette Hair Color Highlights. This must be the year of 50 shades of brunette, with everything from hot cocoa to chestnut to cold brew. Brown is going through a churned revival, and your hair should, too. Nothing basic about dirty brown. It’s not warm or cool--it’s somewhere in the middle. It’s also important that with a dirty brown brunette you don’t lean too far into the blonde territory. It should be a rich and beautiful brown, with neutral highlights.

Shadow roots. Probably one of the most iconic of hair color trends are the shadow roots. Showing your roots is becoming more acceptable, and even trending, as a way to balance out the dryness of already highlighted hair, make sure you condition more of the colored portion. Apply the aforementioned 8-in-1 masque from mid-length to the dryest ends, comb through and leave for 3-5 minutes.

Baby lights. There are highlights, low lights, now we can add baby lights to the hair color trends list. Get that halo-like look with thinner highlights that hint at an overall lightening. This works great for a wide range of shades, from blonde hair color to brunette hair color.

Two tone. Why go for just one look? Be multidimensional with different tones that change your look depending on the hair style or part. Your color, from gold hair color to brunette hair color, is visibly more vibrant after cleansing with Nexxus Color Assure products. Distribute evenly and spread along the length of your color. There’s no need for an extra conditioner bottle.

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Pastel. The Easter rainbow variety is still super sweet, but we’re now growing up into a bolder, brighter shade of pastel. Make a statement by punching up the pastel. Typically this hair color trend looks like a little blush on the hair. These hues can range anything from an icy sky blue to a more silvery fantasy color. It really depends on the exact look one is going for and what types of colors one is willing to experiment.

Balayage. Pastel balayage is also a new twist with color swirling through in bits and pieces.

Rainbow. Rainbow is truly all the rage right now. Every celebrity is rocking some type of rainbow inspired frock. Have your stylist or a really great, professional friend paint your bleached hair with various overtones. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate color.

Blush Hair. Less Hamptons, more Palm Springs. More than rose all day, sprinkle yourself with dustier pink desert vibe.

Gold Blonde. Get down with a blonde hair color that feels more like honey mixed with a little chai.

White Blonde. A little different from platinum, it’s not as silvery but still prone to brassiness. Keep the ash tone clean with Nexxus Color Assure Long Lasting Vibrancy Deep Moisture Hair Mask. The butter like texture with an advanced moisture technology seals in nourishment.

Silver. Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo for Blonde & Silver Hair helps any metallic blonde shade of silver feel feel more natural and intense. Leave out any sense of orange.

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Rose Gold Hair Color. Rose gold comes out faster, so use Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo for Color Treated Hair to keep color longer and gives some volume to colored hair with (more damaging) highlights.

Coral. Move over rose gold; coral is the new black. Inspired by the soft tones of an intense sunset, everyone will swoon over this new hue. A-listers have been oscillating sometime between coral shades, which can brighten up an entire face..

Copper. An intentional brassier tone with a gold hair color. These rays will help you feel like gold-dust.

“Natural” hair. It’s like model off duty with the natural beauty look – except there is some work behind the no work look. Think about how there’s makeup behind the no makeup look when looking to achieve this understated wow moment.

Treating your hair with some vibrant hair color is so much fun. From blonde hair color to gold blonde, there are so many varieties of fun hair color trends to try out. Whether you’re keeping your signature style or swapping it out for the newest hair color trends, just make sure to keep your hair strong for the long run.


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