5 curly hairstyles to try – no matter your curl type


Butterfly locs

Half and half

Pineapple bun

Bandana chic

Statement clip

woman with curly hair

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your curls and coils – whether that’s because you’ve found the style that works for you, or because you’re struggling to find one that feels right. Either way, gone are the days when curls were dismissed as difficult to work with; scroll through social media and you’ll see more than a handful of gorgeous wavy and curly hair styles to emulate. Whether you’re working with short or long hair, with 2C waves or 4C coils, there are so many fun ways to style curly hair – from knotless braids to half-up looks.

But before you get started with any style, the most important thing to remember is moisture. Hydrated curls are healthy curls and the healthier your hair, the easier it will be to try a new style – and the better the result will look.

Nexxus has long believed in the power of protein science to bring hair back to life. Hair is made up of 90% protein, after all, but external aggressors like heat styling and coloring mean these all-important ingredients are lost. That’s why all Nexxus products focus on restoring these lost proteins. And thanks to years of research, Nexxus scientists recently made a game-changing discovery about curly hair: the proteins that make up curly hair are different from those in straight hair. This discovery is huge when it comes to creating the right product formulation for curls.

It’s this research that makes the salon-quality Nexxus Curl Define range, with its exclusive PROTEINFUSION™ blend of silk proteins – that are rich in glycine and serine amino acids – and marula oil so different from other curl products. Developed to strengthen and moisturize curls from 3A to 4C, Curl Define starts your styling routine in the shower by ensuring curls have exactly what they need to stay strong and look amazing in any style. It’s so effective, it was given Allure magazine’s coveted Best of Beauty award in 2021.

Now, onto the looks…

1. Butterfly locs

woman with butterfly locs

Like faux locs, butterfly locs are a protective style and put less tension on your natural hair. The distressed texture is created by braiding your natural hair in single plaits as the base, before crocheting your added hair. For first-timers, this is definitely one to book an appointment for, but keep on the right side of distressed texture in-between appointments by taming any unwanted flyaways with the Nexxus Weightless Style Shape & Define Multi-Styler.

2. Half and half

woman with half up half down hairstyle

This cute ’90s throwback looks even better with curly hair thanks to that much-needed extra volume. To maximize that height even further, apply Nexxus’ Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam to wet hair before drying to provide soft, natural-looking body. Make sure to pull out some face-framing tendrils for the full Spice Girl effect.

3. Pineapple bun

woman with pineapple hairstyle

This is more of a nod to the ’80s, but while a top knot can look a little sloppy on straight hair, a high texturized bun looks effortlessly chic on curly, coily hair types – even more so if you can create a faux bang with shorter pieces at the front. Give your natural curls a boost when wet by applying Nexxus’ Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam and once your bun is in place, secure your style with a liberal dose of Nexxus Maximum Finishing Mist hair spray.

4. Bandana chic

Why should you keep your protective styles for bed? With the right silk scarf, you can recreate your favorite TLC video and know that you’re keeping your curls healthy.

The key to this style is healthy, glossy hair, so start with Curl Define if you have 3A to 4C curls, and Nexxus Therappe Rebalancing Shampoo and Humectress Restoring Conditioner if your hair falls more on the wavy side.

Prepare for your blow-dry with the Prep & Protect Leave-In Spray, followed by the Smooth & Full Blow Dry Balm, and dry your curls with a round brush for added volume.

5. Statement clip

woman with clips in her hair

The easiest of all to pull off, this is definitely one when your curls are in need of a refresh – the messier the better for this look. Use the Nexxus Dry Shampoo to absorb any excess oil at the scalp, and spritz ends with the Prep & Protect Leave-In Spray, which contains hyaluronic acid to rehydrate. Gather your hair into a bun and secure it with the cutest clip you can find.


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