The best shampoo range for damaged hair

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Ever wondered why all the good things in life cause hair damage? Sunshine, styling tools, color transformations, sleep (all that pillow friction!). The protective layers of our strands are impressive but not invincible, and once the cuticles they’re made up of have been worn away by external aggressors, it leaves the hair fiber exposed to damage. And that’s why using a specific shampoo for damaged hair is essential for repairing and restoring locks.

Nexxus hair scientists have dedicated their life’s work to the study of proteins (the natural building blocks of our hair), pinpointing the exact ones lost due to specific types of damage. As a result, each Nexxus range contains a unique PROTEINFUSION™ blend, blending the best hair-supporting proteins with other nourishing, moisture-locking ingredients. So what’s the answer for hair displaying signs of extreme damage, with strands so dry, brittle and lacking in life it feels like there’s no going back? Rice water…

How rice water transforms damaged hair

Packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, fermented rice water has been used for centuries in China to keep hair healthy and strong. Huangluo Village in southwest China has even been named ‘Land of Rapunzels' due to the long, glossy manes of the women who live there. So it’s no surprise that hair care brands have chosen to utilize this natural powerhouse, including Nexxus, whose scientists chose to team black rice with keratin protein in order to create the PROTEINFUSION™ blend that sits at the heart of the Nexxus Keraphix range.

As well as replenishing lost proteins, the Keraphix range works to restore the hair’s protective barrier, made up of overlapping cells responsible for locking in moisture and acting as an armor for the hair fiber. In healthy hair, these protective cuticles sit flat along the surface, minimizing moisture loss and protecting from inner damage. The flatter surface area this creates also allows light to reflect better (result: gorgeous gloss and shine). The cuticles on damaged hair tend to sit more raised, offering less light reflection and leaving the all-important hair cortex exposed and more vulnerable to damage. Using a weekly deep-conditioning masque, such as the Keraphix Damage Healing Treatment masque, will help bolster the hair’s protective barrier and align raised cuticles.

How to use Keraphix to transform your hair

Rome wasn’t built in a day, just like damaged hair can’t be reversed faster than you can say ‘glossy shine’. But introducing a long-term repair system can help strengthen and protect against future damage. If you color your hair and use heated tools to style it, there’s no need to take the hard line and stop completely (unless you want to, that is). Salon-quality products, such as the Keraphix range, still promise instant results, with healthier-looking hair after only one use. It’s no wonder this award-winning range was dubbed the Best Damage Healing product of 2020 by Allure magazine. Split ends are a common distress signal of damaged hair, and while they can’t be ‘reversed’ as such (hair is essentially dead and therefore unable to heal itself), replenishing hair care can add shine and temporarily seal splits, preventing them from traveling further up the hair shaft and causing more damage before your next hair trim.

Other ways you can protect your hair from the damage of daily styling rituals include spritzing a protectant spray before heat styling (Nexxus’ Leave-in Lightweight Prep & Protect Hair Spray is an ideal option for all hair types) and drying hair at a lower temperature for longer, rather than blasting it with air that’s hotter than the sun. Also indulge in a weekly treatment to give your hair a fighting chance of growing longer and stronger. The Keraphix Damage Healing Masque (also a previous Allure winner) offers an intense moisture hit in under five minutes, packed with the same keratin protein and black rice PROTEINFUSION™ blend as the Keraphix Shampoo and Conditioner. In fact, you might want to start searching for a tower so you can ‘let down your hair’…


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