Curl Define ProteinFusion Coily & Curly Hair Collection

Restore Curl Strength From Within For Defined, Moisturized Curls In One Wash.

Our formula provides curly and coily hair with the perfect balance of moisture, strength, and flexibility. Now you can restore strength from within and get the definition and moisture your hair’s been craving. Read more about our scientific journey to perfecting the formula below.

Curl Define Collection
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Our Game-changing Scientific Discovery

The way you treat your curls will never be the same. After a decade of scientific research, specifically proteomic research, Nexxus scientists uncovered something breakthrough – curly and straight hair don’t just have a different structure, but the proteins that make up those structures are different. Certain proteins appear two to six times greater in frequency in curly hair than in straight. These curly hair proteins are much richer in specific protein building blocks – Glycine & Serine amino acids.

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Our One-of-a-kind ProteinFusion Formula

With this in mind and knowing curly hair is innately prone to breakage, we set out to craft a first of its kind ProteinFusion Blend, made up of the strengthening building blocks that curly hair needs. Our exclusive formula, infused with Silk Protein (known for being high in the protein building blocks curly hair needs) and Marula Oil (known for providing intense moisture), provides curly and coily hair with the perfect balance of moisture, strength, and flexibility.

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Our Scientifically Proven, Custom Crafted Curls Collection

The result a scientifically proven, salon-quality formula that works to strengthen, define, and moisturize curls and coils.

The Curl Define Before and After

See the Science

Our bespoke ProteinFusion Blend specifically targets both curls and coils to provide the optimal balance of hydration and definition.

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