Kim Kardashian's Platinum Hair Maintenance Secret is Super Affordable

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Kim Kardashian - James Devaney/GC Images

When Kim Kardashian debuted her striking Khaleesi-silver platinum blonde makeover at the beginning of NYFW, Stylish applauded her courage — Chic? Absolutely. But the maintenance of white blonde hair is notoriously difficult because the process of bleaching it can be so damaging. Fear not: If there was anyone who can go blonde responsibly, it’s Kim K! Kardashian almost immediately ducked into the Nexxus flagship salon in NYC to give her new locks some love with a $22 protein treatment that anyone can pick up at the drugstore!

The beauty maverick took to her Instagram on September 12 to document some necessary TLC for her hair, while she indulged in the Nexxus Emergencee Protein Treatment. “Oh, no big deal, just came into the Nexxus store. My hair being bleached, I have to get this new Emergencee protein treatment. So excited,” she said.

Bleach is notoriously destructive to the integrity of one’s hair (it strips the hair’s natural protein, which can lead to breakage, dryness — the works), so treatments like the one that Kardashian received are great to supplement one’s hair strength. Also known as the Nexxus Salon's signature treatment, the Emergencee Protein experience (prices start at $25) starts with an Emergencee Shampoo and head massage.

Then, the Emergencee treatment is applied by a stylist and dried into the hair, coating each and every strand with high levels of protein, marine collagen and elastin to restore hair to it's pre-bleach health. The last step of the treatment is a deep conditioning mask, which is followed up a pampering blowout. The result? Hair is instantly stronger, shiner and more flexible, with 95% less breakage. Of course, anyone can make an appointment and receive the same fabulous celeb treatment!

Nexxus Emergencée Reconstruction Treatment

The best part about Kardashian’s hair-repairing foray? You can pick up a tube of the protein treatment at your local drugstore or Ulta and get all the benefits of strengthening your platinum or dyed mane without having to go to a salon. The at-home treatment contains the same high elastin protein content and marine collagen, which will reconstruct damaged protein structures in your hair so that it becomes more resilient and manageable. You could even do the treatment while indulging in a Keeping Up With The Kardashians marathon.

Pampering like a celeb at a drugstore price-point? That’s something Stylish could get into.


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