Hair damage is complex and varies greatly from individual to individual. Introducing Nexxus’s new XX-Analyzer which uses a new AI algorithm, developed in collaboration with hair experts, scientists, and AI professionals, to diagnose hair health. To ensure accuracy of the results, our tool has been trained on a dataset of 14,000 highly standardized selfies and lab images across a diverse range of hair types. In addition, the software was tested on 153,000 additional data points. With AI technology, users can obtain robust and fast results for at-home hair health assessment, eliminating the need for a visit to a stylist or a trichologist. The scientifically backed algorithm is more efficient than self-assessment, as it avoids the biased self-perception of consumer who may not be able to accurately identify crucial features of hair damage on their own. Ultimately, the HairAI system offers an unbiased way to analyze hair and ensure that every consumer is matched with the right hair routine to improve their hair condition and boost confidence.