Leighton Meester Talked About Going Blair-Brown to Serena-Blonde

In most millenial's minds, Leighton Meester's brown ringlets are iconic and synonymous with Blair Waldorf, queen of the Upper East Side in Gossip Girl. While the show ended over a decade ago, it lives on (thankfully) on Netflix, and is currently being binged watched by an entirely new generation of badly-behaved teens. Fans of the show might not recognize Leighton Meester as of yesterday though — the actress has taken the plunge in an entirely new hair direction (à la Jenny Humphrey) as a platinum blonde.

The "Heartstrings" singer's dye job came courtesy of stylist Aura Friedman at NYC's Nexxus Salon. While bleaching your hair can be intimidating, Leighton has prepared for the jump for a long time. As she told POPSUGAR, "I knew I was in really good hands with Aura, and I've also been treating my hair with masks and protein replacement treatments to prepare for this. My hair was also completely virgin. So I felt that I was in a good place to do it."

The reason for the change was fairly simple. Stars (they're just like us) also get bored of their hair color! "I recently cut my hair, and thought 'I just want the exact opposite of what I have," Leighton said. "I want to try something completely drastic and different, and I thought this is the right moment to do it. You know when you just get it in your mind and you have to do it?"

Leighton Meester at the hairdresser

To get her hair in top shape for the new hue, Leighton used Nexxus Keraphix Damage Healing Mask ($5), which contains Keratin protein to strengthen the strands, and Keraphix Damage Healing Hair Reconstructing Treatment ($15) to add protein back to her hair.

As a new member of the "blondes have more fun" club, Leighton is excited to experiment more with her new look. "My overall look on a regular basis is pretty pared down and natural and I'm excited to be a little more bold . . . it's a completely different feeling and look than when I'm a brunette."

With her new edgy hair, we're hoping to see a lot more of Leighton in 2018. "I'll be touring in June, [and] I have a movie called Semper Fi that's coming out. So I'll be busy the second half of the year," she revealed. In the meantime, we'll be binge watching Blair take over Constance, NYU, and the world.


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