What is a Hair Mask & How to Apply A Hair Mask?

What is a Hair Mask?

A hair mask is like a face mask, except for your hair. It’s like an intense conditioner to soak and cover your hair with the big help it needs to get better and stronger — whether it’s dry, heat-damaged, chemically-colored, curly or even simply aging. Most hair masks contain rich ingredients such as natural oils and butters, in heavier concentrations than normal conditioners. Not to mention you can leave a hair mask on for an extended period of time, three minutes to even overnight. Even if your hair is normally healthy, the changing of the seasons can be extra hard on your strands, signaling it may be time for a hair mask. How to apply a hair mask doesn’t have to be tricky! In this article, we’ll go through what is a hair mask good for, how often should you do a hair mask, and more to ensure you are making the most out of this wonderful hair treatment!

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10 Tips to Apply a Hair Mask

Here are some basic guidelines on how to apply a hair mask:

1.) Keep it On the Regular

How often should you do a hair mask depends on how dry or damaged it is, but you should at least create a routine. For most hair types and seasons, once a week should be sufficient. But if you are often using a lot of heated styling tools, like hair irons, then your hair may become more damaged and require more intense conditioning help. In this case, you would want to use a hair mask more regularly.

2.) Read the Directions

It is hard to answer what is a hair mask when there are so many different kinds, but just read the packs! Each formula and base is different and ingredients really are key. Regardless of how you obtain your mask, look for products to make or buy that contain natural oils such as jojoba, olive oil, almond oil or even avocado. Food products, such as bananas and honey also sometimes make an appearance in hair masks for their unique properties in restoring nutrients to the hair.

3.) Wet or Dry?

Some are applied dry, some are applied to leave on while you sleep. With others, you shampoo before and after, and then condition. If that’s the case, use a gentle clarifying shampoo since you’re going to be adding a thicker product.

4.) Find One That Works for Everyone

The Nexxus Vital 8-in-1 Hair Mask for All Hair Types brings in the coconut and soybean oil plus keratin. It’s lightweight and also great for fine hair. Yes, fine hair could use a mask, too.

5.) Cover the Mask

Cover with a shower cap or hot towel for a spa treatment and you can encase your bubble of handiwork. You’ll see a difference even with your first use of Nexxus Keraphix Hair Mask for Damaged Hair. It helps replace lost amino acid from severe damage. Masks like this help your hair get back from brittle with a butter-like texture.

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6.) Don't Get Too Greasy

For less intensity, you might want to try the Nexxus Humectress Moisture Hair Mask for Dry Hair, which is rich with protein and penetrates deeply to retain natural movement with nourishment.

7.) Comb Through

Comb the mask through from mid-length to ends. Allow your hair to drink it in.

8.) Massage Well

Concentrate on the ends. Massage from roots to tips.

9.) Follow Directions

Again, follow the directions whether it’s a short refresh, a longer 3-5 minutes, or even overnight. Time it. Lather with lukewarm or cold water.

10.) Dry It Out

For fragile hair you might want to air dry or squeeze instead of rubbing with a towel. You can also treat yourself to a nice blow-out afterwards, even with a warm or cool setting.

What is a hair mask good for? Whether it’s repair work or a moisture bump, masks like the Nexxus Color Assure Long Lasting Vibrancy Deep Moisure Mask are a gem. As long as you know how to apply a hair mask correctly, it’s a maintenance practice to keep and cherish.


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